WarpStream CEO Richard Artoul: reinventing an infrastructure primitive

In this episode of Tractable, Orb's podcast with engineering leaders, Kshitij Grover dives deep on Warpstream. Warpstream is a cost-effective Kafka-compatible streaming platform built to be simpler to manage than traditional Kafka solutions, built on top of Richie's previous experiences managing large-scale data systems at both Datadog and Uber. WarpStream is not only architected to save companies inter-AZ costs but also to provide them a stateless system that's easier to manage with often-acceptable tradeoffs on end to end latency. RIchie talks about how Warpstream being in the critical path for other companies' infrastructure influences the GTM strategy and the architecture: serverless pricing is an important mechanic to make Warpstream a foundational building block, and it influences how the team thinks about reliability as a mission-critical part of the offering.