Sentry CTO David Cramer: Running Sentry at Scale

In this episode of the Tractable Podcast, Kshitij Grover, CTO at Orb, interviews David, the CTO of Sentry. Sentry, known for industry leading error and performance monitoring, has become one of the world’s most admired developer tools. Sentry is the tool of choice for over 90,000 companies including developers at Atlassian, GitHub, and Disney+. David shares the origin story of Sentry, tracing its evolution from an opinionated open-source project to a critical part of the modern software stack. Kshitij and David talk about technical challenges, strategic decisions, and leadership styles that have shaped Sentry over the last decade, including its product expansion and adaptability to industry demands. 

David explores Sentry’s unique approach to growth, with an emphasis of how its open-source model influenced the GTM motion of the company in pursuit of market share. The conversation also touches on the complexities of supporting a diverse range of frameworks and technologies, Sentry’s approach to AI, and the company’s extremely recognizable brand campaigns.

Sentry can’t fix this — but maybe David can.